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Eligible services are available for monthly payment plans at 0% interest
(terms apply).

Web Design

Micro Website

Your own domain name, or ours
Setup in less than a minute
Customizable theme
Upload photos and add a blog
Great first step online

WordPress Design

Industry standard Content Management
Customized theme
Auto-maintained with the latest patches
Cached for performance
Secured using CloudFlare & Plugins
Charged by the hour for customization

Custom Web Design

Dedicated IP Address
30GB SSD storage
Resource limits: 3500mhz cpu, 1536MB ram
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Emails

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting


Dedicated IP Address
10GB SSD storage
Resource limits: 1750mhz cpu, 512MB ram
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Emails
Most Popular


Dedicated IP Address
20GB SSD storage
Resource limits: 2625mhz cpu, 1024MB ram
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Emails


Dedicated IP Address
30GB SSD storage
Resource limits: 3500mhz cpu, 1536MB ram
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Emails

Dedicated Hosting

Intel E3 1241 V3 xeon CPU
1000GB bandwidth

Technical Hosting Information

  • Security
    Centralized card access control system with dual-factor biometric authentication
    24x7x365 on-site security presence
    24x7x365 unescorted customer access
    Advanced video monitoring with at least 90 days of retention
    Mantrap secure access
  • LiteSpeed
    We use Litespeed web server as a 100% drop-in replacement for apache. It’s faster in almost every application.
  • MariaDB
    A faster database system with more features than standard MySQL, while being 100% compatible.
  • Cloudlinux for Security
    Using CageFS, users are locked into a virtualized file system (a virtual box). This means if other users get hacked, your share of the server will be isolated and protected.
  • LsCache
    Tremendously speedy, configurable caching.
  • cPanel
    The world’s most popular server dashboard. With it’s clean interface and ease of use, it has everything you need to control your account via a simple web interface.
  • CloudLinux for Resource Isolation
    With our shared hosting, other users on the same server will never be able to hog your resources or slow down your sites.
  • Nightly Backups
    We keep nightly off-server backups using R1soft. If something goes wrong, we’ve got your back.
  • Unlimited Emails
    You can create as many email addresses or forwards, etc. as you require.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    This firewall checks all requests coming into the web server and analyzes them for malicious intent, blocking any suspicious traffic. Another tool to minimize the risk of your site getting hacked.

Search Engine Optimization

We can conduct a thorough review of your website and analyze areas of optimization to help boost your Search Engine visability. It's a comprehensive mixture of code changes, structural changes, content, external and internal links, various methods including Google Locations, Bing, and other major search engine techniques we've specialized for over 20 years.

Initial Review $250+

Depends upon the size and complexity of your website, whether it is 5 pages or 500.

Pages $150 per hour, $700 per day, $3,000 per week

Optimization of pages for structure, content, external and internal links - including strategies for regular content, blogging, videos, or other content

Graphic Design