Website Logo Placement for Maximum Brand Recall
Showing a logo in the top left corner of a web page is probably the most common design pattern of all time. The logo serves as a landmark that orients users when they first land on a page and helps them identify the website they are visiting.... more
6 years ago | Web Design
By: Rick de Courtney

  .COM .IO .PIZZA? How to pick the right domain extension (TLD)
By: Rick de Courtney
.COM? .IO? .PIZZA? How to pick the right domain extension (TLD)... more
  Jump-Start Your SEO With These 6 Surefire Tactics
By: Rick de Courtney
I’m often asked the question, “Where do I start with SEO?” Though there is no one-size-fits-all approach, my answer is generally to find the biggest need for your site and start chipping away at it.... more
  Website Relaunch SEO Plan
By: Rick de Courtney
Relaunching your website can have serious consequences for your search engine optimization if not planned carefully. Luckily, we have a comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth transition.... more
  100 Great Colour Combinations
By: Rick de Courtney
Colour makes a design come alive. It can attract attention, set a mood, and even influence our emotions and perceptions. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a colour palette for your design project — so if you’re in need of some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Browse through the 100 colour combinations below, which are inspired by photography from four categories: nature, food & drink, travel, and everyday items.... more

Web Design10 reasons why you should invest in a website
In today’s economy, owners of all sizes of businesses are looking for options to cut corners in their budgets and save money. However, cutting corners or cost on website design is a grave mistake. Here are 10 signs you need to invest in a website that accomplishes your marketing goals ... Read More
FunnyWhy good graphic design is SO important
Good design incorporates both function and aesthetics. A well-designed object does not differentiate between form and function, but rather incorporates them into one single, coherent concept. This is the primary aim of designers—to communicate an idea without making the aesthetic component suffer. These designs, however, fail. ... Read More
Graphic DesignHow important is it for a company to have a great logo?
From Nike's "swoosh" symbol to Starbucks' twin-tailed mermaid or siren, the world's largest companies take great care of their logos. ... Read More
Hints & Tips20 New Photo Editing Tutorials to Take Your Photography to the Next Level
A showcase of fantastic Photoshop photo effect tutorials that will help you to dramatically improve your photos. Here you’ll find how to add matte and vintage look to your images, how to change the color of hair and eyes, how to remove unnecessary objects from your photo, add a tilt shift and back and white effects, play with sunspots and many more. ... Read More
Web Design10 Web Design Trends for 2015
Every year, Web design grows and so many awesome things are being published daily. We can only imagine that the best is yet to come in 2015, including many of the trends we predicted for 2014. While many of those trends will still be around in 2015 (and probably 2016), it’s time to see what new trends are likely to emerge in 2015. ... Read More
Search EnginesGoogle Pigeon Update
A few days ago Google pushed out a new and major algo update for local search (which industry's leading SEO resource "Search Engine Land" called "Pigeon" update). There aren't many details disclosed about the so-called Pigeon yet, but webmasters report considerable changes in their local rankings over the past few days. ... Read More
Inspiration60 Beautiful And Creative Business Card Designs
Using a business card is useful in a way to promote yourself on other people. Are you planning to make your own business card but don’t have any idea or some inspirations to start? Here’s a showcase of 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Designs to enhance more your creativity and get inspired. ... Read More
Hints & TipsLearn What's Causing Customers to Leave Your Store with Google Analytics
As an eCommerce store owner, you're likely focused on driving more traffic to your website from search engines, social media, and online advertising. But if your website isn't converting enough of this traffic into sales, you may be feeling frustrated and concerned. If a certain page or component on your website was causing these potential customers to leave, you would definitely want to address it. Well, through the use of data in Google Analytics, you can. Using this data, you can identify the pages that are the weakest points in your sales process, and then make plans to improve them. Curious to know how you can turn more traffic into sales? Let's dive into the data and find out what could be causing your customers to leave. ... Read More
Hints & Tips5 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Visitors
A site that simply looks good and draws an audience isn’t enough. If you’re missing even one vital element for an effective website, you’re missing out on conversions. The good news is that even small changes to your site can pay off in big numbers—and quickly. Here are 5 tips to make your website convert more visitors. ... Read More
Search EnginesGoogle's "Mobilegeddon" Could Alienate Nearly Half Of Its Top Websites
Google recently tweaked its search algorithm to favor "mobile friendly" websites over non-optimized ones, which could cause clunky desktop sites to plunge in search rankings on smartphones. ... Read More
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