Add content to your website with
our easy-to-use CMS platform
How do you add content to your website that's search engine optimized, as easy as editing a document in Microsoft Word™, with the ability to add links, headings, images and rich content without knowing a single piece of HTML, PHP or other gobble-de-gook web programming language?

With the DesignerWhere CMS Platform

The DesignerWhere Content Management System is designed to be easy-to-use, yet powerful. It comes with a ton of features that help you create content, and to attract and keep your visitors on your website. There's no need to pay a web designer thousands of dollars to create pages for you; now, YOU can create and edit the content on your website quickly, and easily.


MS Word™
Style Editing
Using tools you're already familiar with, you can create documents in a second - Headings, Copy & Paste, Left/Right/Center Alignments, etc

Insert Rich
Insert images directly into your document quickly and easily. Either referencing images on your server, or upload to ours.

Search Engine
Each document is Search Engine Optimized automatically, with keywords, descriptions, OpenGraph tags and friendly URL's

Social Media
Facebook commenting, liking and sharing, Twitter and Google - helping to increase the exposure of your documents.

& Tags
Help organize your documents by sorting them into categories, tag documents with keywords to help with SEO.

Do this
No need to wait for a web designer, you can quickly do this all yourself, with the minimum of effort and maximum results.

Responsive Design
Our CMS platform automatically resizes its content for the best display on large and small screens.

SSL Secure
Full automatic SSL secure connection support, display non SSL contents for plain sites, SSL for encrypted.

the CMS
Make the CMS your own, name it "blogs","news" or whatever you want, show or hide page views, comments, dates and more...
cms editor

Our CMS Document Editor

Our CMS Editor is powerful. Enabling you to copy and paste rich text from Microsoft Word™ or other similar word processor, a html page or document directly into the editor and for it to maintain most of the styling and content of the original document.

You can create Headings and paragraphs, insert new images, format text left/right/center or justified, indent or outdent text, bold or italic, create links, insert tables, bulleted and numbered lists and much more!

How easy is it to incorporate
into my website?

Amazingly simple. Copy a couple of files, and insert a few lines is all it takes to have a fully functioning blog or news service.

For the Techies

A simple PHP cURL or http request and changes to your .htaccess or web.config is all it takes. We can provide libraries and full support on integration. It takes just 5 minutes. Two requests per page, one within the HEAD and one within the BODY.

Further functionality allow you include such individual content as Top Pages, Topics, Categories, Latest Articles all with a simple http request.

For the NON-Techies

We provide the files and the system and can incorporate this into your current website quickly. Once it's installed, there's no need to pay a web designer to keep your website up-to-date.. you can do it whenever you want!

We can also provide a custom branded micro-site or run it through a dedicated domain. Our CMS is incredibly easy to use and powerful.

How do I get started with your CMS platform?

Signup for an account, then chat with us. We'll guide you through it or you can use our easy-to-understand documentation. Your choice.

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