What is a flex website?

A FlexSite is a combination of a Wordpress Headless Content Management System - which lets you edit and add pages and media.. in conjunction with our high performance orientated website. There's no Wordpress Plugins, no Wordpress Themes, no extra code, nothing to slow it down. It's fast. Like, super fast.

In combination with a Worldwide Content Delivery Network, that pushes your website to over 115 strategically located datacentres around the world ensuring super fast and sub 2 second delivery to visitors around the world.

  • Quick - Deploy and make live your own domain name & website - usually in less than 5 minutes
  • Fast - Using powerful local-on-server caching, coupled with being cached across 115 data-centres worldwide for blistering performace
  • Easy to configure - you can change the look, navigation options, add banners, hero buttons, logos - all without knowing code
  • Powerful - Add unlimited pages
  • Cost effective - You can use us to design, make changes - or make and create pages yourself. Hosting and full-service maintenance is from just $49 per month.

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