How to move my website to the Flex Website platform?

Any move from old website to new website is included within the setup & maintenance terms. You can do this and we can provide the information required, or we can do this for you.

  1. Use client branding, or develop new branding.
  2. Client provides page content
  3. Setup development DesignerWhere Flex Server with design, pages and content. Client sign-off required.
  4. Client trained on how to edit & publish pages and content.
  5. Setup an account on CloudFlare, and change the DNS name servers of the existing website to CloudFlare ones
  6. Existing email is retained, or new email setup and MX records changed
  7. The DNS A records are changed for the new website to the Flex Server platform
  8. Both websites are run concurrently for a week (as the old IP address information may be cached and still active for some visitors). Usually websites are fully live and moved within the hour.
  9. Old website & hosting disabled / cancelled
  10. New website fully live
  11. Run a diagnostic on the new website via our crawler for errors
  12. Monitor for Search Engine crawl errors via Google Webmaster Console