What is the difference between a Booking, Appointment, & Session?


A session is the parent, it describes the activity or appointment type. It helps to provide the same information to multiple appointments.


An appointment is the day and time set for a session. It comprises of a session, and an be booked many times.

This name can be customized on whether you want it to be appointment (default), booking, consultation, class, etc. You can set the number of spaces available to be booked.


A booking is the booking for an appointment by a client

A client can be limited to 1 space, or multiple spaces. You can also set whether VERIFIED only clients can make bookings (i.e. clients that have been verified by you)


Kushala Yoga creates a FLOW YOGA session, they can set within this session . They then create 5 appointments for each day of the week and set them to use the FLOW YOGA sessions information. They don't have to copy the title and description of the class, but they limit the number of spaces to 30. Their clients then book the classes, and clients that are too late to join a full class, are placed on a wait list.