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DesignerWhere operates several Social Networking websites that are highly popular. Due to our popularity, our services are regularly abused by SEO or Online Promotion companies. These companies are usually hired by the website operator in the mistaken belief that they will help promote their business online. What they actually do is post spam in the form of links, fake stories or 'bookmarks' on our and other Social Websites to increase "link popularity". Fortunately, Google and many other search engines, now detect this type of spam as "unnatural links".
We feel it's only fair that if website operators pay SEO companies to post, spam and pollute communities, that they also take responsibility for cleaning up those communities.

The fee's are charged only to cover costs and prevent abuse. We recommend recovering this fee from whomever abusively promoted your website.

To request removal of a link, please follow the instructions below. Once payment has been received, we'll work with you to ensure the link is removed from our services. We can provide account information (IP address, email address, etc of the accounts posting your link) if so required.

Link Removal Request

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