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The Sphere has generated significant local and online buzz, eliciting varied opinions from observers. Some view it as a technological marvel, while others perceive it as an enormous spherical billboard that could potentially distract drivers on the road. Is The Sphere, Las Vegas, the ultimate in advertising media?
Google recently made updates to its documented ranking systems page, which resulted in the removal of four ranking systems. Notably, three ranking systems were removed from the main list, while the page experience system was omitted from the retired list. The systems that were removed include mobile-friendly ranking, page speed, and secure sites.
We get asked a lot is what do we use to build our websites, do you use themes, or Wordpress, do you code from scratch or use a website page builder? Let's explore the three main website options and how each have their pros and cons, and which may be right for you - and how they affect user experience, performance, business growth, and conversions.
With advancements in web design technologies, the possibilities of achieving remarkable results within a reasonable budget have expanded. Consequently, a growing conversation revolves around the question of whether augmenting features and functionality truly enhance value, or if simplistic websites are more advantageous for business.
Creating a new website has challenges, one of the most important is selecting the right domain name. We have a 12 step process to help you get the best domain name possible.