WiFi is a service alongside the food and beverages Caffe Divano offers - it helps retain customers at its location, encourages home-workers to visit.. However, at its three locations, Caffe Divano experienced severe issues with slow, unreliable WiFi for its clientele. Users were downloading large files, impacting other users, WiFi would drop out when many people were using it, and people would stay for hours with a minimal initial purchase.

Caffe Divano approached DesignerWhere desperate for a solution.
After a thorough consultation, we installed a custom-branded commercial WiFi network with the following features:

  • Branded Pin Code Access Page An easy to understand access page appears when the user first connects to the Public WiFi network. It is branded with Caffè Divano logo and wording and requests the Pin Code provided by the barista. It explains usage and limitations. Pin Codes are printed out by the staff using a cloud-based pin generation system.
  • Time Restricted Pin Code Protected Access So customers weren't staying for hours using free WiFi, Caffe Divano now provides each customer with a Pin Code that is valid for 1 hour. This allows each customer a maximum of 2 devices and WiFi expires an hour after first use. Customers are then prompted to make another purchase to obtain another free hour of WiFi. This has helped increase sales.
  • QoS and Per User Allocated Bandwidth Previously customers using YouTube, or using BitTorrent, installing OS updates etc were using large amounts of bandwidth; which then greatly slowed down the experience for other customers. With the system we installed, each user is now allocated a predetermined amount of bandwidth; so any downloads they undertake, do not impact other customers. Services such as BitTorrent are subsequently blocked.
  • Modular Powerful Commercial Grade WiFi Each of our units provides 3x3 900Mbps MIMO configuration, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks with public and private SSIDs. Built-in firewall to prevent customers snooping on other customers. Each of our units work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing multi-access point network.

After the installation at its locations, Caffe Divano has received extremely positive customer feedback related to the "more reliable and faster" WiFi. They've also seen increased sales due to customers staying longer than the hour provided, making further purchases to obtain WiFi pin codes.

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