Portfolio Image: Evera Competency Platform

Evera Competency Platform

Evera Competency Platform is an amazing new product. It’s a purely user-focused online competency assessment tool that uses validation to underpin professional learning for education, corporations and government.

We conceptualized and designed, from the ground-up, a clean and simple interface that combines uploading of files to multiple international Content Delivery Networks, News Feed, Friends Network, Journalling, Custom Profiles, Messaging, Notifications, Groups, Searching and much more.

The platform uses gamification to engage the user and provide a quick and easy way to onboard.

The platform is fully rebrandable, providing enterprise users the ability to customize the look, feel and functionality of the platform and offers powerful Competency Creation, Reporting and User Management features.

Evera is currently in beta phase, it has partnered with several major organizations and will be rolled out to over ½ million users over a six month period.

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