Portfolio Image: Vidopolis


Vidopolis - Within a few months gaining huge traction, with some videos getting 10 million views - it's a viral video & reel Instagram entertainment channel. DesignerWhere designed the logo and branding to work on both dark and light backgrounds - with a fun visual play on video.

We obsess over every part of design, ensuring colours, spacing, visual elements are perfect. Vidopolis wanted a consistent brand, with the same logo and visuals across a spectrum of media.

We designed a simple, contemporary logo, refining with the client until they were bubbling over the outcome. The logo is in line with video players and aspects of current trends - but still timeless enough to be relevant ten years from now.

We provide a guidelines booklet with our branding package that incorporates all the elements you need to apply your brand throughout your business, ensuring professionalism, conformity, consistency, and ultimately brand recognition and customer retention.

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