Portfolio Image: VoteThing


DesignerWhere has developed a powerful, yet easy-to-use, Voting rebrandable website that helps foster two-way communication between users and Vote Creators such as businesses, government and charities.

Votes can be public or private and secured by random pin-codes for individual Votes, or authenticating within a Voters Channel to permit open voting on Votes they create.

AES-256 system wide encryption, multiple layers of authentication, IP location, pin-codes and Authentication Codes provide significant security.

Other features include:

  • Facebook Integration
  • Media uploads
  • Commenting on Votes
  • Instant Graphs and Results of Votes
  • 5 minutes for users to change their Votes
  • Vote Creators Channels
  • Users Pages
  • Social engagement through points
  • Sharing through Google, Facebook and Email
  • Location based searching and Vote creation
  • Natural language searching
  • Online FAQ
  • User notification of new votes
  • User feeds
  • Engagement through step-by-step processes

The project is currently in development and many more features are being added.

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