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FlexSites are a quick & easy way to get online fast. With development time measured in days instead of weeks or months. Our predesigned websites balance the ultimate in performance using the latest in edge based cacheing and web server hosting, with Search Engine Optimization - oh, and they're amazingly beautiful to look at and use.

Gauthier Catering
Gauthier Catering - Beautiful finer dining

Using Wordpress as a Headless CMS (an industry-standard Content Management Tool that provides you with the ability to edit any of the pages) but we don't use any performance sapping themes, page-builders, or plugins. This is not your SquareSpace or Wix page-builders bloated with code.

We retrieve your content and display it within a highly customized website, tuned for engagement, performance, and Search Engine Optimization, that you can control the theme, the look, the text, and the imagery - as well as add and edit the pages you want.

PageSpeed improvements using caching, correct SEO and Accessibility
With less than sub 2 second load times - your website is cached around the world for blistering performance for your visitors

In-depth Features


Coquitlam Orthodontics - now 123orthodontics - has been a client of ours for over 13 years - and a lot has changed during that time!

We had face-to-face discussing a new name, brand & design, colours, look and feel and the main outcome that they wanted their new website to perform. They used our Photography services to take portraits of their entire team, and their offices.

We set up new email addresses with their @123orthodontics.com domain

They decided to use our PRO version - giving their visitors comprehensive information about them, and their business - with a highly professional website.. coupled with the ability for them to add news and client stories - giving rich information to their potential clients.


Another client that has been with us for 15 years, Nicola Towler Ho is a respected and well-liked realtor serving the TriCities.

Nicola wanted to move to using our FlexSites to allow her to add featured listings and use the website to give her clients extra information about homes with detailed information, photos, and 360 videos

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