Caffe Divano


WiFi is a service alongside the food and beverages Caffe Divano offers - it helps retain customers at its location, encourages home-workers to visit.. However, at its three locations, Caffe Divano experienced severe issues with slow, unreliable WiFi for its clientele. Users were downloading large files, impacting other users, WiFi would drop out when many people were using it, and people would stay for hours with a minimal initial purchase.

Caffe Divano approached DesignerWhere desperate for a solution.
After a thorough consultation, we installed a custom-branded commercial WiFi network with the following features:

After the installation at its locations, Caffe Divano has received extremely positive customer feedback related to the "more reliable and faster" WiFi. They've also seen increased sales due to customers staying longer than the hour provided, making further purchases to obtain WiFi pin codes.

Technologies Used





Cloud Content Delivery Network

Clustering & Fault Tolerance

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